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Recently, the prevalence of parents sending their children to international schools is escalating rapidly. This phenomenon is understandable due to the quality education international schools strive to provide.

Most international schools are surrounded by a fascinating environment and possess well-prepared teaching resources. They do not impose much stress on students and encourage students to enjoy the learning process. Hence, countless parents choose these prestigious international schools in Hong Kong for their children every year.

However, it is difficult for students to be accepted into international schools. They need to perform exceptionally well in interviews. Amid the fierce competition, parents go above and beyond to help prepare their children for the interviews.

Due to the different emphasis on education between international schools and local schools, international school students have better exposure to enhance their language and interpersonal skills. Thus, although challenging and difficult, parents are eager to prepare their kids for international school education, because they believe that everything they do for their children today will all be worthwhile.

International School Application Process

              1. Advice on school selection

We provide professional advice on school selection based on the preferences of parents and students. After evaluating the ability, character and attitude of the student, some suggestions would be given to ensure the chosen school is a right match with the child.

              2. Mock interviews

Our programme is divided into four stages to strengthen students' interview skills and communication skills. Students will be trained to express themselves in English fluently and to be more confident in themselves.

             3. Procedures on school application

We collect information regarding the interview period, open day, admission quota and documents required to help parents understand the procedures of applying for a specific school.

            4. Before announcing the result

During the waiting period for the release of the interview results, we provide adaptation programmes to prepare students for their future studies in international schools.

            5. Applying school for student

We provide support to parents in completing application forms, writing recommendation letters and submitting the application documents for the student. Furthermore, our professional design team is in charge of designing and organising the student’s resume.

            6. Life in the new school

Upon successful admission, we provide follow-up courses to help students adapt to their new life in international school.





+852 2180 9248 (Headquarters)

+852 2338 9877 (Cyberport)

+850 6979 8858 (Course Director)

Kowloon Headquarters: 

Unit 3H, Kaiser Estate Phase 2, 47-53 Man Yue Street,

Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island Branch:

Shop 406 & 412, Level 4,

The Arcade, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong.

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