Nurturing the next Mozart of the modern day


To provide competent Music knowledge and stimulate creative and technological interest in our students.


Make learning as natural, fun and interactive as possible with access to the latest resources and technologies



Students of our Music course are nurtured to be the world's next creative innovators and music experts

“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.”

― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


The Genius Music course is designed for all students of all ages, whether they are learning music, or have never touched it. We present all areas of the music industry to our students to provide them the creative and technological tools to innovate and explore music to its full potential.


Our expert teachers work with students to help them connect the dots of the music world and discover their true potential. Students will start by learning the foundation of all areas of music, from learning to appreciate where music came from, to producing music using computers and recording equipment. They will then be given the opportunity to laser focus their interests to achieve specific results.

5 Core Modules

The Genius Music course is split into 5 core modules that cover all areas of the music industry.

DJ on the Set

Genius Music | Foundation

Entry Requirement: All ages and abilities

A course focusing on the fundamentals of music, introducing students to all areas of the music industry and allowing them to discover their own creative potential. By the end of this course students will be able to appreciate a variety of music styles, understand how music works, write their own music, produce their own music and be prepared to dive into a chosen specialism.

Genius Music | Advanced

Entry Requirement: Completed Foundation Course

OR passed the Genius Music Assessment

A course tailored to student's specific interests and needs. Conducted by industry experts and professional musicians. Students will learn advanced industry-standard knowledge, skills and techniques to prepare them for higher education or employment. During this course student's curate their own Professional Portfolio with samples and pictures of their work.

Sample Lesson Content:

Girl with Guitar


Prioritizing Student's Individual Needs

At Genius Development, we value building a solid foundation for students as well as engage all their curiosities

Bespoke Service

This ensures that after every lesson, students leave with not just a complete theoretical understanding of the topics covered during their classes, but they also have had ample hands-on time practicing the concepts learned in class

Easy to understand materials

For some, music seems intimidating at first, but with the guiding hands here at Genius, tutors work at a pace that the student is comfortable with

Experienced Education Service

With highly qualified tutors, each student's needs are catered for to ensure that they excel not only in exams, but also develop a lifelong interest in Music.


Student's Published Music

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