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Nurturing the next Mozart of the modern day


To provide competent Music knowledge and stimulate creative and technological interest in our students.


Make learning as natural, fun and interactive as possible with access to the latest resources and technologies



We connect our music students to the  technological music tools and the music industry.

Genius musicians are cultivated from a young age. Most people believe that genius musicians are born with their talent, and that it is only through nurture that they can unleash their innate abilities. Genius Music holds the belief that anyone can be a musician as long as they have the right methods. We firmly believe that the world of music is like the universe, with infinite realms waiting for us to discover and explore. Once someone discovers a new realm, they become a genius musician. 



We first focus on developing students' sensitivity to sound, just as a painter needs to understand colors. Elementary school students should go through a comprehensive exploration of "sound" and "music," rather than simply learning to play an instrument. Through the process of exploring the world of music, everyone will cultivate a love, interest, and passion for music. Under these conditions, learning to play an instrument will naturally fall into place. 

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The essence of Genius Music is defined by students being able to enjoy music as a source of inspiration, exploring the wonderful world of music as a priority, mastering instrumental skills as the foundation, and discovering new realms of music yet to be explored. Our aim is to nurture musicians with rich creative abilities. 

Our teachers are partners of Genius Music. They are seasoned and highly experienced instructors. Through collaborative efforts on the Genius Music platform, we inspire and motivate each other, establishing an elite system for music education. We provide the highest-quality music learning programs in Hong Kong. In each class, students not only learn music but also experience the joy of music. They can appreciate masterful performances, immersing themselves in the enchanting ocean of music.  

7 Course Modules

The Genius Music course is split into 7 course modules that cover all areas of the music industry. Instrument courses cover Piano, Violin, Viola, Chinese Traditional Instruments.

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Our Head Instructors

From our instructors:

"Children learning music is not only for performance or exams, but to cultivate good cultural accomplishments from the world of music, to add joy to life through wonderful music, and for every child to have the opportunity to experience beautiful music and play a beautiful melody in their life!"

John Chan Profile Picture.jpeg

John Chan

Mr John Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts in 1988, having studied with John Harding (concert master of Sydney Symphony Orchestra).


During his time at HKAPA, he went to Switzerland to study with Menuhin and Paul Collete at International Menuhin Music Academy. Upon his graduation at HKAPA, although he was offered the Cincinnati scholarship to study at Johns Hopkins University, he decided to become the youngest member at the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Chan performed as a soloist in HK Arts Festival and was appointed principal violist by Macau Philharmonic Orchestra in 1990. In 1994, he was appointed principal viola by Kyushu Philharmonic Orchestra.

Chan has been dedicated to education and conducting in the past 20 years.

As a conductor, he guided many of his DPS students to excellence, which was shown by the numerous music awards they have received.

Chan was appointed tutor in violin and viola at the Education University of Hong Kong in 2009.

Since 2020, Chan was appointed senior orchestra conductor at St Paul Primary School.

Patrick Lam

Born and raised in Hong Kong. He obtained the Bachelor of Arts (Music Performance) in the Tianjin Conservatory in China in 2010, under the class of Prof. Shen Naifan. And received his master’s degree in piano performance in the Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź in Poland in 2012, studied with Prof. Maria Korecka- Soszkowska (student of Henryk Sztompka, who studied with the legendary Ignacy Jan Paderewski) for piano solo, with Prof. Bogusław Pikała (former Prorector of the Academy) for chamber music. Before he studied in Tianjin, Patrick studied with Japanese pianist Nakatsu Fumitake in Hong Kong, whom encouraged him to continue his piano studies.


Patrick had participated in several masterclasses, studied with Prof. Walter Fleischmann (Wiener Musikseminar), Jean-Marc Luisada (Accademia Internazionale di Musica di Cagliari). And also with Prof. Tamas Ungar, Prof. Peter Efler, Prof. Andrzej Jasiński, Mr. Liu Shih Kun and Mr. Choi Sown Le.


Patrick has been giving concerts. He gave performances in some major venues for example the Concert Hall of Tianjin Conservatory, the Muzeum Miasta Łodzi, the Hong Kong City Hall, to name a few. He had performed the f minor piano concerto of Fryderyk Chopin with the Chamber Orchestra of Łódź Academy of Music, conducted by Marcin Wolniewski. Recently collaborated with renowned Erhuist Miss Shao Lin in the Hong Kong City Hall. He had performed and interviewed in the RTHK Radio 4 program ‘Cantilena’, invited by the celebrated Hong Kong pianist, Miss Nancy Loo.


Besides giving performances, he is a sought-after educator. His students has been achieving outstanding results in exams and competitions, for example the Schools Music Festivals, the Hong Kong (Asia) Piano Open Competitions, and competitions in Korea and Hungary etc. Some of his students are now continuing their studies in the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and the Music Department in Hong Kong Baptist University.

Patrick Lam.jpeg

Vivian Yeung

Vivian Yeung has been learning the piano since childhood under the guidance of Chinese pianists Xu Zengyu and Chen Huayi.

She later enrolled in the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she continued her piano studies under the renowned pianist Sum Siu-fai.

Vivian obtained a Bachelor's degree in Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and received the LTCL Recital (Piano Accompany) Licentiate of Trinity College London and the Advanced Certificate of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music from the United Kingdom.

She has received training from Yamaha Music in Japan and has become a qualified professional instructor.

She has been honored as the best music instructor by various professional music organizations, including the Hong Kong Youth Barclampory Music Festival, the Hong Kong International Piano Pedagogy Association, the Speech and Music Recital Development Foundation, the International Fringe Music Festivals and Competition, and the Hong Kong Music Talented Award.

Vivian has taught various courses, including private music lessons in piano, music theory, and accompaniment for various examinations, competitions, and performances.

She has taught the Junior Music Course, Classical Piano Course, and Pop Piano Course at Yamaha Music in Japan.

She has also served as a tutor for piano classes and early childhood music classes at York Kindergarten.

She frequently leads students to participate in piano competitions and has won multiple awards.

Vivian is currently a member of the Hong Kong Piano Teachers' Association and the Hong Kong Music Teachers' Alliance.

Eddie Zong

Eddie Zong Xiaoqian, Bassist, is currently holding the principal double bass position of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. He received his Bachelor of Music degree from Central Conservatory of Music in 1984 and Master of Music degree from Indiana University in 1988. His teachers include L. Hurst, B. Bransby, S. Sankey and M. Grodner. Before his engagement with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, he was acting principal bass of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in New Orleans from 1992-94. He was also the principal bass player of the Israel Sinfornietta from 1989-91. He was invited to the music festivals such as Aspen, Blue Lake, Keystone, Missouri, Spoleto and Village Bach. He has been the double bass concerto soloist with the National Repertory Orchestra, the Xian Symphony, the Israel Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Indiana University Orchestra. He is now teaching at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the Hong Kong Institute of Education and the Hong Kong Baptist University.

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Tony started learning classical piano at the age of 4 and has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years. During the early 2000s, he transitioned to working in popular music and has performed at various venues in Hong Kong. He has also been interviewed on television and radio programs, including being featured on ATV's "72 Tenants of Prosperity" music segment and Cable TV's "Struggling for the Future" program. Tony has served as a keyboardist for renowned artists in their concerts, such as Alan Tam, George Lam, Hacken Lee, Nicholas Cheung, Jordan Cheung, Louisa So, Fei Ma, Chen Ho-tak, Joe Junior, Prudence Liew, Elaine Ho, and Qiqi Fang. Additionally, he has worked as a music director for concerts featuring Mimi Chu, Cao Zhenhao, Alice Mu, Lu Bao, Zhang Weiwen, Han Yang, Tam Ka-chuen, Liu Yali, and others.

Since 2010, Tony has released six piano albums, showcasing his own compositions. He is currently a member of the Hong Kong Composers and Authors Society. Tony frequently attends corporate gala dinners as a guest performer and remains an active and prominent figure in the music industry.

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Darren, 14 Years Old

Learning the violin with Mr. John Chan has been an incredible experience. His expertise and dedication have made a significant impact on my musical journey. Mr. Chan's exceptional teaching style breaks down complex techniques into simple steps, making it easier for me to improve. His patience and encouragement have motivated me to strive for excellence, and his passion for music has instilled in me a deep love for the violin. With his guidance, I have gained confidence and witnessed remarkable progress. I highly recommend Mr. Chan as a violin teacher for his expertise, patience, and ability to inspire his students.

Rachel, 10 Years Old

Learning violin with Mr. John Chan is amazing! He's a fantastic, kind, and talented teacher who makes it fun. Mr. Chan breaks down techniques, is patient, and supports me. I've learned a lot about holding the violin correctly and playing beautiful melodies. His creative practice games make learning enjoyable, and I see myself improving. I feel lucky to have Mr. Chan as my teacher. I'm excited for our next lesson and grateful for his awesome teaching! 

Victor, 10 Years Old

I'm incredibly lucky to have Mr. Patrick Lam as my piano teacher. Learning from him is amazing! He's a musical genius with a wealth of knowledge from his global piano study. What I love about Mr. Lam is his patience and ability to break down challenging pieces into manageable steps. He believes in me and finds fun ways to help me improve. Having him as my teacher is a dream come true. I'm grateful for his guidance and can't wait to learn more with his talent and passion. Thank you, Mr. Lam! 

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Genius Music | Foundation

Entry Requirement: All ages and abilities

A course focusing on the fundamentals of music, introducing students to all areas of the music industry and allowing them to discover their own creative potential. By the end of this course students will be able to appreciate a variety of music styles, understand how music works, write their own music, produce their own music and be prepared to dive into a chosen specialism.

Genius Music | Advanced

Entry Requirement: Completed Foundation Course

OR passed the Genius Music Assessment

A course tailored to student's specific interests and needs. Conducted by industry experts and professional musicians. Students will learn advanced industry-standard knowledge, skills and techniques to prepare them for higher education or employment. During this course student's curate their own Professional Portfolio with samples and pictures of their work.

Sample Lesson Content: