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To provide competent ICT & Computer Science knowledge and stimulate technological interest in our students.


Interactive course content is developed through the latest technologies used in the technology industry today. 



Students of our ICT & Computer Science course are nurtured to be the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 


In a world where everything we do is governed by technology, Genius strives to enlighten students on the how’s, what’s and why’s that they should know to spark an interest in technology. Every student is exposed to technology in one way or another, so why not jump at the opportunity to cultivate their curiosity at a young age? From hands on activities to see the intricate workings of computers and robotics to coding, application and web development, Genius has all your child’s needs covered. We strive to not only cover the IGCSE ICT and Computer Science theory, but also go the extra mile to offer them hands on activities that is sure to have them be future computer scientists.


Prioritizing Student's Individual Needs

At Genius Development, we value building a solid foundation for students as well as engage all their curiosities

Bespoke Service

This ensures that after every lesson, students leave with not just a complete theoretical understanding of the topics covered during their classes, but they also have had ample hands-on time watching the intricacies of their code come to life.

Easy to understand materials

For some, coding seems intimidating at first, but with the guiding hands here at Genius, tutors work at a pace that the student is comfortable with

Experienced Education Service

With highly qualified tutors, each students needs are catered for to ensure that they excel not only in exams, but also develop a lifelong interest in ICT.

ICT Junior

4-8 years old

Sample Modules:

  • Introduction to computer software 

  • Foundational coding (Block coding) 

  • Flowcharts and Pseudocode 

ICT Fundamentals that introduce students to the functionality of a computer as well as well as introduce them to the basics of programming using block coding to build the foundational knowledge required for programming logic  

ICT Intermediate

9-13 years old

Sample Modules:

  • Computer Hardware

  • Web Development

  • IGCSE Networks

Introducing students to basic programming knowledge and expanding their understanding of IGCSE ICT topics ranging from the Basics of Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Communication Applications, and Boolean logic 

ICT Advanced

14-17 years old

Sample Modules:

  • JavaScript

  • Advanced Python

  • System Analysis and Design

Building on students foundational knowledge to ensure full coverage of all IGCSE ICT exam topics as well as delve further into higher level programming and advanced ICT topics such as systems analysis and design, cryptocurrencies and web3 development

Computer Science Junior

4-8 years old

Sample Modules:

  • Computer Software & Hardware Introduction

  • MIT App Inventor

  • Microbit

Students delve into the building blocks of algorithms and focus on using conditional statements to solve problems and control results. 

Computer Science Intermediate

9-13 years old

Sample Modules:

  • Introduction to Python

  • Management Systems


Assist students in designing multiple programs, developing the algorithms it needs, and writing code to implement them. 

Computer Science Advanced

14-17 years old

Sample Modules:

  • Internet Principles of Operation

  • Teachable Machines

  • C# / Swift Application Development

Students will explore reference data as a way to represent real-world objects in a digital world and discover methods to perform more complex operations.