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To nurture future Nobel prize winners

To cultivate future creators and scientists

Geniuses are made, not born!

Genius Development is the largest and the most systematic provider of science education for children and adolescents in Hong Kong.  We incorporate innovative ideas and methods into our STEM curriculum, to an extent that is unparalleled by any other institution in the world.  It was developed by experts and educational psychologists, catering to the needs of students at different stages of psychological development.  All our teachers are graduates in science-related fields from prestigious universities with unrivalled subject expertise, teaching skills and infectious enthusiasm.

The Genius classroom successfully adopts the methodology of project-based learning, which is different from traditional classroom teaching that transfers knowledge from one person to another.  Instead, it allows students to explore like a scientist or an engineer.  It emphasizes the thinking and development of students, honing their problem-solving skills in the process, developing their ability to acquire new knowledge based on existing knowledge and to apply that knowledge in unfamiliar situations.

We provide genuinely exciting lessons and experiments that develop children's interest in science into an abiding passion!

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