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To nurture future Nobel prize winners

To cultivate future creators and scientists

Geniuses are made, not born!

Genius Development is Hong Kong's largest, most comprehensive, and professional STEM education institution for children and teenagers. We possess world-class STEM courses.

World-renowned experts, professors, and child psychologists are involved in curriculum design and development, creating an unparalleled STEM curriculum that caters to the personalized development needs of different students.

All of our teachers come from prestigious universities and have graduated from fields such as science, technology, finance, and the natural sciences. They possess extensive subject knowledge, teaching skills, and the ability to inspire.

Diverging from traditional "rote learning" classrooms, Genius Development allows children to learn through play and creatively apply the "project-based" learning approach. We inspire students to explore and learn like scientists or engineers, focusing on developing their scientific thinking skills, knowledge transfer and application abilities, and problem-solving skills.

In the classrooms of Genius Development, children not only enjoy learning but also develop a deep interest in science. They benefit lifelong from scientific knowledge and thinking skills.

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