About Genius Development

Children - natural scientists, ambitious innovators and intellectual explorers; they are instinctively curious about what’s happening around; futurists who aspire to become someone someday for something greater – a mission which we educators devote a lifetime of effort to accomplish.


“Geniuses are not born, they are taught”


The Genius Development Workshop believes that every child has the potential to become the next Nobel Prize winner. With our cutting-edge laboratories and carefully crafted lesson structure, we guide our students through every topic with hands-on experiments, led by a team of highly qualified, but passionate teachers recruited only from the world's finest universities.


We recognize the intrinsic curiosity that children possess towards scientific subjects gradually fades away with age; therefore, we urge parents to make use of the golden period to allow children to study science. We strongly believe that science is most effectively taught, and should be explored and experimented with through hands-on and active learning approaches, especially during early childhood.


After countless years of research and practice, in collaboration with teachers and professors from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan, we have successfully refined and integrated the interdisciplinary study of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics into our syllabus. We proudly constructed a comprehensive STEAM learning system for children across Asia to foster passion in STEAM learning among children from the age of 3 to 17 years old using our interactive, firsthand learning approach.


Our program integrates the latest technology with effective teaching methodologies to not only scientific subjects but includes a comprehensive computing hardware and software curriculum. Programming is made simple for kids - scoring A* in public tests such as Cambridge ICT Starters, Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge AS and A-Level has proven to be easier after the completion of our course.


In order to create a complete learning system, we have invited a number of industry experts and teachers who have been successful in their respective fields to join our R&D and faculty team in creating over 200 scientific themes and more than 5000 scientific hands-on experiments and projects in producing invaluable lessons for our students. The goal is to help students learn from their experience, aid them in becoming independent thinkers and prepare them for being responsible for their own projects so that they become creative and practical leaders. Our programs emphasize experimental techniques, critical thinking, and collaborative spirit to ensure that our students excel in the scientific community.


Our classes are built around these values.


When we contemplate the future, we must not forget the people who came before us and contributed to science and technology; the most important contributors to humanity's quest to achieve their dreams and create a better society. So parents, let's spread the word and encourage the kids to dream and believe! Children who dare dream; children who dare do, join us! You are worthy to be taught in the Genius classroom where the progressive pedagogy and the elaborately designed curriculum are bound to create endless possibilities for you.


Mission and Values


Genius Development is the largest and the most systematic provider of science education for children and adolescents in Hong Kong.  We incorporate innovative ideas and methods into our STEM curriculum, to an extent that is unparalleled by any other institution in the world.  It was developed by experts and educational psychologists, catering to the needs of students at different stages of psychological development.  All our teachers are graduates in science-related fields from prestigious universities with unrivalled subject expertise, teaching skills and infectious enthusiasm.

The Genius classroom successfully adopts the methodology of project-based learning, which is different from traditional classroom teaching that transfers knowledge from one person to another.  Instead, it allows students to explore like a scientist or an engineer.  It emphasizes the thinking and development of students, honing their problem-solving skills in the process, developing their ability to acquire new knowledge based on existing knowledge and to apply that knowledge in unfamiliar situations.

We provide genuinely exciting lessons and experiments that develop children's interest in science into an abiding passion!




To nurture future Nobel prize winners

To cultivate future creators and scientists

Geniuses are made, not born!


Our Teaching Philosophy


 The traditional education system usually relies only on rote memorisation and often ignores the importance and effectiveness of interactive learning. At Genius Development we want children to enjoy learning, by first letting them feel that learning is fun. Genius Development has the most systematic science training system for children and adolescents in Hong Kong. It integrates play into learning and allows children to subconsciously absorb complex knowledge and scientific principles. We want children to fall in love with learning because learning should be interesting and stimulating for them.


The Genius classroom is a professional environment for STEM science learning for children and adolescents aged 3-17. Hong Kong's first, largest and most systematic science education institution for children and adolescents, includes

Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. We introduced the most advanced STEM education system in the world. Education experts and child psychologists have developed a complete system for children's and adolescents' scientific learning according to the stages of students' psychological development. We have refined and integrated science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including knowledge in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Astronomy, with over 200 scientific themes and more than 5,000 scientific experiments and activities, and our team of teachers, all science graduates from prestigious universities, bring experience and an infectious enthusiasm for education.  Together our team has created lessons to help prepare students for a wide range of international examination syllabuses (IGCSE, IB, A-level, SAT, AP, DSE). Students from 3 to 17 years of age carry out practical, hands-on science activities and experiments to cultivate their scientific knowledge and explore their creativity and problem-solving skills, thereby laying a solid foundation for international public examinations.


Our STEM courses are designed to allow students to experiment for themselves in areas such as optics, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, etc. and to engage in project-based learning, experimental research and group discussions to encourage them to learn Science. Knowledge is applied to life and students' abilities to innovate and experiment are cultivated.


We are Genius Development

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We have collaborated with several multinational companies and organisations. We have introduced our teaching materials into several international schools and public schools in Hong Kong. Also, we have collaborated with and incorporated Google’s teaching materials into our own to provide children with the best learning experience using the latest technologies.


We have featured in several media platforms across different countries such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CCTV, CNN, China Daily, Tencent, etc.