About Genius Development

With technology becoming the focus of contemporary life, Genius Development Workshop believes that gifted students are not born, they are taught. Our programs enable primary school students to stimulate a strong interest in science and master the knowledge behind Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Engineering through active and a hands-on learning approach.


Science is about exploring and experimenting through an active and hands-on learning approach and children are naturally inquisitive (born scientists and innovators). They like to learn about the world around them. Parents must not miss the best time for their children to study science. When they gradually lose their intrinsic curiosity, they become less interested in science subjects.


Through our programs, children will learn to think like scientists, equipping them to understand the evolving world. They will be able to embrace newly-discovered scientific concepts and explore infinite possibilities without limits.


After years of research and practice, Genius Development Workshop has established a comprehensive STEAM learning system for children in Asia.


We have collaborated with researchers and educators from the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan to refine and integrate the interdisciplinary studies of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. We have created over 200 scientific themes and more than 5000 scientific hands-on experiments and projects for children from the age of 3 to 17 years old.


Based on the needs of students in Asia and the standards of both Asia and overseas universities, we have refined the most important learning requirements in the fields of Science (Physics, Biology and Chemistry), Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for the IGCSE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, IB, A-Level, GCE and AP exams. We enlighten children with a systematic and scientific education to lay the solid foundations for their future college and university entrance examinations.


Our programs integrate effective teaching methodologies with the latest technology to make children more knowledgeable and creative. We have comprehensive computer hardware and software courses. Programming is made simple for kids and scoring A* in public tests such as Cambridge ICT Starters, Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge AS and A-Level made easy. For a complete learning system, we have invited a number of industry experts and teachers who have achieved outstanding results in their respective fields to join our R&D team and faculty. We strive to enable students to understand and learn from their experiments, develop their ability to think independently and be accountable for their own projects in order to nurture them as creative and practical leaders. We nurture students to excel in the scientific community through our strong emphasis on experimental techniques, critical thinking and the spirit of collaboration. These are the core of our teaching beliefs.


The future we are most looking forward to is that the next generation will make science and technology a powerful assistant to realise their dreams and create a better society together. Children who dare to dream and dare to do, join us! You deserve to be trained in a talented classroom and create your own possibilities.


Our teaching philosophy 


The traditional education system usually relies only on rote memorisation and often ignores the importance and effectiveness of interactive learning. At Genius Development we want children to enjoy learning, by first letting them feel that learning is fun. Genius Development has the most systematic science training system for children and adolescents in Hong Kong. It integrates play into learning and allows children to subconsciously absorb complex knowledge and scientific principles. We want children to fall in love with learning because learning should be interesting and stimulating for them.


The Genius classroom is a professional environment for STEM science learning for children and adolescents aged 3-17. Hong Kong's first, largest and most systematic science education institution for children and adolescents, includes

Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. We introduced the most advanced STEM education system in the world. Education experts and child psychologists have developed a complete system for children's and adolescents' scientific learning according to the stages of students' psychological development. We have refined and integrated science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including knowledge in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Astronomy, with over 200 scientific themes and more than 5,000 scientific experiments and activities, and our team of teachers, all science graduates from prestigious universities, bring experience and an infectious enthusiasm for education.  Together our team has created lessons to help prepare students for a wide range of international examination syllabuses (IGCSE, IB, A-level, SAT, AP, DSE). Students from 3 to 17 years of age carry out practical, hands-on science activities and experiments to cultivate their scientific knowledge and explore their creativity and problem-solving skills, thereby laying a solid foundation for international public examinations.


Our STEM courses are designed to allow students to experiment for themselves in areas such as optics, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, etc. and to engage in project-based learning, experimental research and group discussions to encourage them to learn Science. Knowledge is applied to life and students' abilities to innovate and experiment are cultivated.

Genius research team

Our courses are developed by our strong international team of researchers. They are composed of professors and experts from top universities in Germany, Britain, the United States and Canada: Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Oxford, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong CUHK and other top universities in the world. In addition, we have child psychology researchers from University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Tsinghua University and Peking University.

The founder of the Genius Classroom leads our research team and our dedicated teachers to refine the content knowledge of the IGCSE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, IB, A-Level, GCE, AP and the Chinese Academy of Sciences syllabuses. Students learn from an early stage to understand the key points of knowledge and scientific techniques that normally middle school students are required to master, and this lays a solid foundation for future education and exam preparation.

Learn STEAM, the Genius way!

Through project-oriented learning students can discover and solve a variety of problems while creating their own works and developing their logical thinking. The most useful skill to develop in this era is applying STEAM concepts to real-life problems and situations. In this technological era we want students to learn and have fun, whilst being proud of their innovative projects and ideas, and develop their confidence in pursuing their interests in STEAM!

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We have collaborated with several multinational companies and organisations. We have introduced our teaching materials into several international schools and public schools in Hong Kong. Also, we have collaborated with and incorporated Google’s teaching materials into our own to provide children with the best learning experience using the latest technologies.


We have featured in several media platforms across different countries such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CCTV, CNN, China Daily, Tencent, etc.