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About Genius Development

Genius Development, founded by Mr. Ma Biu, a father of four, aims to cultivate children's talents as scientists, inventors, and explorers. Our educational philosophy rests on the belief that young children are naturally curious about the world and harbours a positive vision for the future. We firmly assert that geniuses are made, not born. Every child possesses the potential to become a great scientist and a leader in technological innovation.


With over a decade of research and practice, we offer children advanced and comprehensive opportunities for scientific experimentation. Equipped with high-end software and hardware, our students engage in hands-on experiments and complete theme-based courses, making learning at Genius Development a joyous feast of knowledge for children.


Research indicates that as children age, their curiosity and thirst for scientific knowledge gradually wane, with a decline beginning at the age of 7. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to highly value the development of their children's learning abilities in science and technology during the golden period from ages 3 to 12. The most efficient way for children to learn science and technology is through hands-on experimentation, with younger children demonstrating more significant effects.


Genius Development collaborates with experts and professors from countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Through years of theoretical research and practical application, we have distilled and integrated various fields, including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, to create a unique interdisciplinary curriculum. This curriculum establishes a comprehensive STEM learning system for children and teenagers in Asia, nurturing their enthusiasm and potential for STEM from ages 3 to 17.


We merge cutting-edge technological information with advanced teaching philosophies, making knowledge acquisition for children no longer dull and tedious. Upon completing our courses, children excel in public examinations such as IGCSE, IB, A-Level, AP, and SAT, and achieving excellent grades, such as A*, is no longer challenging for them. More importantly, their curiosity and logical thinking abilities will accompany them throughout their lives, paving the way for a different future.


To further enhance our learning system, we have enlisted a large number of industry experts to collaborate with us. Together, we have meticulously designed and developed over 200 scientific themes, along with more than 5000 hands-on experiments and theme-based courses. Our project-based learning model prioritizes hands-on practice, critical thinking, and collaborative spirit, fostering each child's ability for self-directed learning and innovation.


Through this approach, children engage in practical experiences, reflect on their learning journey, and ultimately evolve into creative, self-reliant thinkers equipped with tangible skills. As we gaze into the future, it's paramount that humanity remembers the trailblazers who have significantly advanced technology. They are the heroes in humanity's pursuit of grand aspirations and the architects of a brighter tomorrow.


Investors who support Genius Development and parents who entrust their children to our unique scientific programs are not only forward-thinking advocates for experimental and visionary education but also contributors to the realization of their own dreams and the boundless potential of the future.


The Science curriculum at Genius Development is unparalleled, setting a new standard unmatched by any other educational institution. Our commitment is unwavering: every child, regardless of gender, can excel in science learning. What makes our curriculum unique is the substantial investment of over 200 million Hong Kong Dollars dedicated to independently developing a vast array of advanced science experiments. Over more than a decade of exploration and practice, students at Genius Development benefit from engaging in over 1000 experiments during their course of study and graduation.


In contrast to the limited scope of "group lessons" typical in schools, where students may only conduct 10-20 experiments, we offer a significantly greater number of "one-on-one teacher" guided experiments. Addressing several criticisms prevalent in middle school science education, our curriculum revolutionizes the learning experience. These criticisms include a severe lack of experiment quantity, theoretical abstraction, insufficient time for comprehensive learning, a focus solely on exam preparation, waning curiosity about science, and the delayed opportunity for systematic scientific education until adolescence.


The Science curriculum at Genius Development pioneers innovative learning methods, marking a significant advancement in human history. We've even developed teaching techniques for hands-on experiments tailored for 3-4-year-old children, fostering their understanding of science and igniting their innate scientific curiosity. Scientific talent, in our view, encompasses exploration and a love for the world around them, fostering curiosity and sparking an endless quest for understanding the "whys" of the natural world.


Our curriculum for 5-9-year-olds challenges traditional educational paradigms. At the inception of Genius Development, we held a bold yet achievable belief: the ages of 5-9 are pivotal for scientific learning, nurturing children's logical thinking, hands-on skills, preserving curiosity, stimulating imagination, and fostering the potential for future scientific greatness. We recognize the oversight of modern education in cultivating future scientists, as delaying systematic scientific education until children reach ages 3-9 hinders human scientific progress. Isn't it true that most great scientists are inspired by influential stimuli in infancy?


Our Science curriculum for 5-9-year-olds seamlessly integrates children's scientific aptitude, regardless of gender, and cultivates their passion and interest in science. Their remarkable learning abilities and absorption capacities surpass those of middle school students, providing them with a distinct advantage. The remarkable impact of our Science curriculum underscores the glaring deficiencies in modern middle school science education.


As living standards and knowledge levels improve, parental love and respect significantly influence children's independent reactions in adolescence. This often leads to resistance towards the limited experimental teaching methods employed by school science teachers, which are often abstract and challenging to grasp. Without a solid foundation in science knowledge acquired happily during kindergarten and primary school, many children struggle to excel in science during middle school. The approach adopted by Genius Development offers the ultimate solution to address the shortcomings of modern middle school science education.


The ICT & Computer Science curriculum at Genius Development stands as an innovative and disruptive educational program. Long before the advent of artificial intelligence like ChatGPT, Genius Development harboured a bold vision: to craft a systematic curriculum that nurtures future computer trailblazers, akin to the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk. We take great pride in realizing this vision.


Our ICT & Computer Science curriculum is unparalleled, setting us apart from any other school or educational institution. Unlike the superficial and simplistic computer courses prevalent in the market, which often focus solely on basic programming knowledge such as Scratch and rudimentary Python tutorials, or robotics with elementary programming, our curriculum offers a comprehensive approach. Recognizing the paramount importance of computer hardware knowledge, which is often overlooked, we've developed a meticulously structured and comprehensive professional computer course. While students may spend ample time on rudimentary Scratch and Python, they're unfortunately more prone to becoming ensnared in computer games like Minecraft and Roblox. These basic computer courses fail to captivate and retain budding talents in the field, resulting in a scarcity of professional computer educators in the market.


However, the professional ICT & Computer Science curriculum at Genius Development is a departure from the norm. We've invested substantial resources to independently develop a systematic and comprehensive computer curriculum. Through years of meticulous exploration and practice, students at Genius Development acquire mastery of computer skills by delving into both computer hardware and software knowledge through practical application. Unlike other institutions that merely cover basic programming knowledge, our curriculum delves into a broader spectrum of computer professional knowledge, encompassing both hardware and software intricacies.


Our ICT & Computer Science instructors hail from Scientech Future, a subsidiary of Genius Development, boasting extensive practical experience and profound professional knowledge. They deliver high-quality instruction, guiding students towards a comprehensive understanding of computer technology's development and application, thereby laying a robust foundation for their future career endeavours.


The systematic and comprehensive nature of the ICT & Computer Science curriculum developed by Genius Development diminishes the centrality of individual teachers, as the curriculum itself becomes the beacon of excitement. Students who have undergone ICT & Computer Science classes at Genius Development unanimously attest to the professionalism, efficiency, engagement, and unparalleled nature of our curriculum. Our computer instructors, drawn from Scientech Future, are exemplary computer engineers.


As humanity transitions into the era of artificial intelligence, the impact of AI development on various industries looms large. The ICT & Computer Science curriculum at Genius Development is poised to cultivate future societal leaders, equipping them with a deep understanding of computer hardware and software knowledge. This enables them to adeptly leverage artificial intelligence technology both now and in the future, thereby making significant contributions to social development.


The Finance curriculum at Genius Development represents an EMBA program tailored specifically for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students—a course that embodies Buffett's Dream come true. We firmly assert that business acumen is indispensable for every child. Financial literacy and investment acumen constitute fundamental knowledge that every child should possess. Money permeates every aspect of our daily lives, and concepts such as business activities, pricing, value, supply and demand, economics, and finance are all intricately intertwined with everyone's existence. Hence, instilling financial literacy and investment awareness in children from an early age holds profound significance for their future.


Genius Development boldly challenges traditional Science and ICT & Computer Science courses, and in the same spirit, we innovatively design unique Finance curriculum for children and teenagers.


Our Finance curriculum amalgamates key components of Economics, Accounting, and Business Studies. Through practical application and real-life scenarios, we facilitate the integration of learned knowledge with actual situations, nurturing students' enthusiasm and interest in financial literacy. Students not only acquire proficiency in scientific and technological domains but also gain insight into investment and financial principles. They develop the capacity to conduct comprehensive research in science, employ their computer expertise to embark on technological ventures, and merge financial literacy into entrepreneurial endeavours, invention pursuits, and patent applications during their middle and high school years. Armed with such multifaceted competencies, they are poised to emulate the success stories of contemporary business and technology titans. Undoubtedly, they will emerge as the cornerstone of future society—innovators, scientists, technology pioneers, and business visionaries poised to reshape the world.

Globally Recognized STEM Curriculum

Our STEM courses are recognized by, a leading STEM education research organization in America.

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