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Unit 3H, Kaiser Estate Phase 2, 47-53 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Tel: +852 21809248 / +85221809249

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Shop 406 & 412,Level 4,The Arcade, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong.


Tel: +852 2338 9877

WhatApp : 69798858  (Course Consultant)
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We believe that Genius Development's elite team are able to educate and nurture future talents!

Kenneth Ma

(Stanford, CUHK, HKUST, BU, UniSA)




A Message from our founder

The genius classroom is the culmination and application of Kenneth’s lifelong learning journey. His goal is to discover and train children and teenagers to be geniuses. Every student who studies in a genius classroom is a child of Kenneth’s. They will become the next inventors, scientists, innovators and IT entrepreneurs of the future. At Genius, our vision is to breed future leaders in the science and technology field and eventually the next Nobel prize winner.


To parents:

Believe in your child, give your children systematic training that will spark their interest from a young age. Even though not every child is a musician, every parent is giving their child systematic music training; rather each child should instead receive systematic scientific training from an early age. Rest assured that the scientific training of Genius’ classroom will neither be boring nor. STEM in Genius’ classroom is always full of fun and inspiring materials, learning becomes reading a novel, fun and exciting while satisfying your child’s curiosity.


Scientists are cultivated this way. Please believe in Genius Development’s scientific elite team.


Bring your child and we will cultivate a genius.

Our Co-Founder and Course Supervisors

Dr. Tuan Quang PHAN

(Harvard, MIT)






(Financial Controller, Brazil)

(Operations Director)




(Global sales Director)



Onon Perenlei-Radchenko

(Cambridge University)






(Global sales Director)



Sergey Radchenko

(London School of Economics and Political Science )





Meet The Team

Teaching team

Where does our teaching team come from?
The academic team of the Genius Development Workshop includes teachers who come from different world's top universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. We are proud of not only the quality of our team and mentors, but also our systematic teaching materials and system, and the diversity of our staff.
Most of our teachers have graduated from STEM majors in world-famous universities. Our team also includes all kinds of examination experts who are familiar with many international exams, such as IGCSE, IB, GCE, SAT, SSAT, A-level, AP,  and ACT.

Kevin Yau

Science, Math & English

Michael Chan

Tim Gallagher

Michael Chan

Vivien Hui


Sabina Huseynova

Ka Lam Chan

Dr. Cristina HAN

James Mak

Yuk Keung Lee

|Christopher Benedict  Masters

Kwok Zi Xing

Edward Nelson

Muhammad Sheheryar Noueed


June Ang

Karanjit Singh

Abrar Hasan

Aleeva Khalid

Brian Cheng

Ng Ke Qi


Wesly Ng

Clara Lau