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Admissions Guidance

Our professional consultants and discipline-specific tutors provide comprehensive admissions guidance to applicants aiming for Oxbridge, the Ivy League and other top universities and boarding schools in UK, US and HK.

Each student is unique in what he/she can offer. As your educational partner, we leverage our extensive experience in evaluating student’s passion, extra-curricular and academic strengths, school requirements and fit to tailor the best pathway for each of them to maximize options and chance for admissions success. Our strong track record and results are a testament to the expert guidance and commitment we extend to each and every one of our students.

Expert in Multi-region (UK/US/HK) Applications
Having an elite global team enables Genius Development to offer a unique value proposition: why not apply to schools located in multiple countries, and pick from a broader range of acceptances? Genius Development's unique Multi-Regional Strategy provides strategic guidance, enrichment and tutoring for students interested in pursuing the best academic opportunities in the UK, US, and HK.

Our International University Consultants

International Universities Covered