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Kenneth Ma





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Angel Investor

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Alibaba Brazil 


“Geniuses are made, not born.”----Kenneth Ma


The genius development is the culmination and application of Kenneth’s lifelong learning journey. His goal is to discover and train children and teenagers to be geniuses. Every student who studies in a Genius classroom is a child of Kenneth’s. They will become the next inventors, scientists, innovators and IT entrepreneurs of the future. At Genius, our vision is to breed future leaders in the science and technology fields and eventually the next Nobel prize winner.


To parents:

Believe in your child; give your children systematic training that will spark their interest from a young age. Even though not every child is a musician, every parent is giving their child systematic music training; rather each child should instead receive systematic scientific training from an early age. Rest assured that the scientific training of Genius’ classroom will not be boring. STEM in Genius’ classrooms is always full of fun and inspiring materials; learning becomes reading a novel: fun and exciting while satisfying your child’s curiosity.


Scientists are cultivated this way. Please believe in Genius Development’s scientific elite team.


Bring your child and we will cultivate a genius.

Founder's Message



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Dr. Tuan Quang Phan

Harvard, MIT, HKU Associate Professor 






Dr. Tuan Q. Phan is an Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Business School, in the Marketing Area and in Innovation & Information Management (IIM) Area. His research uses large and population-size datasets and spans multiple disciplines including economics, marketing, consumer behavior, computer science, and statistics. His expertise covers various industries including FinTech, retail and e-commerce, logistics and transportation, social media, news and video media, technology and consumer products, and education. His research has been published in leading scientific and management journals including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP), Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), and Information Systems Research (ISR). Dr. Phan was previously at National University of Singapore (NUS) for nine (9) years where we received tenure in the Department of Information Systems & Analytics (School of Computing), and the Department of Analytics and Operations (Business School). He was also a Research Team Lead at the Institute of Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology, and affiliated with the Business Analytics Centre. He received his doctorate from Harvard Business School, and an undergraduate from MIT. He is also an entrepreneur, expert witness, board member, and frequently consults industry leaders.


  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at Harvard

  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge, MA, USA B.S. in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, with concentrations in Business and Economics

  • Professor of The University of Hong Kong

  • Professor, National University of Singapore



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Liu Liangping






 University of Bedfordshire, (Hons) Bachelor of Accounting

  • Master degree of Arts at UNA

  • Master Degree of Business Administration (EMBA) The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • MITx- Supply Chain- MicroMasters (Certificate)

  • Research interest: Educational development in children

  • A firm believer in proper education and have invested many hours in educating young children and adolescents

  • Having rich management experience in information and high-tech industries.

  • Providing perceptive insights into the entrepreneurial journey as a co-founder, angel investor and accelerator program participant.

  • Experience in managing high-tech products and the Internet industry.

  • Having considerable expertise in strategic planning and practical execution.

  • Over 15 years of international work and management experience covering Asia, Europe and America.

  • Currently studying for Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)




Kwok Zi Xing


Technology Director

IT Director



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Zi Xing is a passionate technologist since young. He received a scholarship from the University of Hong Kong to pursue Computer Science and graduated with Honors. Leveraging on his up-to-date knowledge within the technology industry, he had previously developed ERP & CRM software for multinational manufacturing group companies. As a technology leader within the company, he handles software projects within the company to transform students' learning experience. Zi Xing holds several years of teaching experience in ICT & Computer Science, Finance, and Mathematics. He had helped several students to achieve excellent results in international public examinations.


  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)

  • GCE A-Level 3A* (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics) 1A (Further Mathematics)

  • IGCSE 8A* (Business Studies, Accounting, First Language English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

  • Scholarship Recipient from HKU in Bachelor of Computer Science.

  • Excellent SAT Results:
    Mathematics II  780/800, Chemistry 800/800, Physics 780/800

  • ELTS: 7.5/9

  • Several Years of teaching experience in ICT & Computer Science and Finance

  • Co-Founder of Studtors Technologies Limited.

  • Currently studying for a MicroMasters Finance program from MITx.

Course Directors

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Course Director

Dr. SeyedAbdolreza Sadjadi

PhD (Computational Quantum Chemistry), The University of Hong

Kong, 2013, Hong Kong



Dr. SeyedAbdolreza Sadjadi is an internationally recognized Astrochemist scientist with active participation in different chemistry and astrochemistry projects in Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China, and globally. He is the writer of 29 scientific peer-reviewed papers published in chemistry and astronomy journals. He had 15 invited and contributed talks at international conferences.

His expertise is in computational quantum astrochemistry, an advanced theoretical approach for the exploration of the nature of substances that are being made in outer Space and deep in the universe.

Dr. Sadjadi has spent 8 years of research in the Laboratory for Space Research of the University of Hong Kong before joining us as a full-time teacher.

He has received a Ph.D. degree in computational quantum chemistry at the University of Hong Kong (2013). His master’s degree in Physical Chemistry at the University of Tehran (2000) and Bachelor's degree in Pure Chemistry at Shahid Beheshti University (1996).

Some of his research and teaching achievements are:

  • Guest lecturer on The Periodic Table of Elements as one of the sessions of a common core course on scientific revolution and its impacts on modern society. The University of Hong Kong (Nov 2021)

  • Winner of the open project research grant of the State Key Laboratory of Lunar and Planetary Sciences, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau

  • Winner of the small project grant, The University of Hong Kong

  • Awarded the reviewer certificate of international chemistry journals.

  • Member of the network of proposers of COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology

  • Member of Cosmic Fullerenes community

  • Served as International scientific advisory board of international union of crystallography (IUCr) Conference (SAGAMORE 2018).

  • Member of the Local organizing committee of Asymmetric Planetary Nebulae VII, The University of Hong Kong (2017).

Local organizing committee member of 19th Meeting of Physical Society of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong (2016)


Senior Astrophysist

Dr. Chih-Hao Hsia

Course Director

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (2008) National Central University


London School of Economics


Course Director

Professor at Cardiff University.

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University of Hong Kong

Dr Chan Hoi Chung Samuel

Course Consultant

Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor

  • State Key Laboratory of Lunar and Planetary Sciences, Macau University of Science and Technology

  • Ph.D. (2008) National Central University, Taiwan; MSc (2003) National Central University, Taiwan; BSc (2000) National Central University, Taiwan (2000)

  • Research Interests: Planetary Nebulae and Evolved Stars; Star Formation, Exoplanets, Comets, and Asteroids; The Origin and Evolution of Organic matters in the Solar System

  • Current Professor at Cardiff University, UK.

  • A reader at Aberystwyth University.

  • Published dozens of academic works and hundred of academic papers.

Dr Chan Hoi Chung Samuel is a family doctor. He got a master of science degree in endocrinology, a master of science degree in cardiology and a master of muskeloskeletal medicine and rehabilitation. Besides, he got eight other diplomas in various disciplines, ranging from dermatology, paediatrics to psychiatry. He is also an honorary clinical assistant professor of the department of family medicine of HKU.

Course Supervisors