Regular Course

Genius Development is the most systematic and powerful STEAM educational institution in Hong Kong. The design of the Genius Development courses is based on the cognitive characteristics of 3 to 16 year-olds. Our goal is to help preschool, elementary and junior high school children develop their interest in science education and build a foundation for international exams. Our strong full-time faculty team and comprehensive curriculum are dedicated to developing children's interest in learning and examination ability.



Level P (Pre-School)

3-5 years old

Nutures a child’s observational and communication skills. 

  • Synthetic phonics

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Methods of observation

  • Basic Science 


Level 1  (Beginner)

5-7 years old

Stimulates curiosity and enhances motor skills. 

  • Basic Science 

  • Basic Maths

  • Logical reasoning

  • Physical world 

  • Biology of life

Level 2

7-9 years old

Promotes creative thinking, teamwork and a growth mindset.

  • Abstract thinking

  • Basic Sciences

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Biology of life

  • Chemistry

  • Laws and applications of Physics 


Level 3

9-12 years old

Encourages logical reasoning and innovative thinking with the aim of developing metacognition.

  • Biology of life

  • Laws and applications of Physics 

  • Laws and applications of Chemistry

  • Advanced Science