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Our teaching philosophy 


The traditional education system usually relies only on rote memorisation and often ignores the importance and effectiveness of interactive learning. At Genius Development we want children to enjoy learning, by first letting them feel that learning is fun. Genius Development has the most systematic science training system for children and adolescents in Hong Kong. It integrates play into learning and allows children to subconsciously absorb complex knowledge and scientific principles. We want children to fall in love with learning because learning should be interesting and stimulating for them.


The Genius classroom is a professional environment for STEM science learning for children and adolescents aged 3-15. Hong Kong's first, largest and most systematic science education institution for children and adolescents, includes

Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. We introduced the most advanced STEM education system in the world. Education experts and child psychologists have developed a complete system for children's and adolescents' scientific learning according to the stages of students' psychological development. We have refined and integrated science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including knowledge in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Astronomy, with over 200 scientific themes and more than 5,000 scientific experiments and activities, and our team of teachers, all science graduates from prestigious universities, bring experience and an infectious enthusiasm for education.  Together our team has created lessons to help prepare students for a wide range of international examination syllabuses (IGCSE, IB, A-level, SAT, AP, DSE). Students from 3 to 15 years of age carry out practical, hands-on science activities and experiments to cultivate their scientific knowledge and explore their creativity and problem-solving skills, thereby laying a solid foundation for international public examinations.


Our STEM courses are designed to allow students to experiment for themselves in areas such as optics, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, etc. and to engage in project-based learning, experimental research and group discussions to encourage them to learn Science. Knowledge is applied to life and students' abilities to innovate and experiment are cultivated.