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天才教室受邀參加2019 年 10 月 10 日香港絲綢之路“粵港澳大灣區論壇”、亞洲領袖論壇,本屆論壇以“促進創新與可持續發展,共創大灣區新機遇”為主題,300多名企業家及企業高管、政府、多國駐港總領事、各界媒體人士參與。


The Genius Development Workshop was invited to participate in the Hong Kong Silk Road Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Forum and the Asian Leaders Forum on October 10, 2019. The forum’s main theme was promoting innovation and sustainable development to create new opportunities in Greater Bay Area. More than 300 entrepreneurs and corporate executives, the government, multinational consulate generals in Hong Kong, and media attended. The seminar was discussing different topics such as the evolution of smart healthcare and information on technology and internet.

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