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Genius Development is the most systematic and powerful STEAM educational institution in Hong Kong. The design of the Genius Development courses is based on the cognitive characteristics of 3 to 16 year-olds. Our goal is to help preschool, elementary and junior high school children develop their interest in science education and build a foundation for international exams. Our strong full-time faculty team and comprehensive curriculum are dedicated to developing children's interest in learning and examination ability.


Level P (Pre-School)

3-5 years old

Nutures a child’s observational and communication skills. 

  • Synthetic phonics

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Methods of observation


Level 1  (Beginner)

5-7 years old

Stimulates curiosity and enhances motor skills. 

  • Basic Maths

  • Logical reasoning

  • Physical world 


Level 2


7-9 years old

Promotes creative thinking, teamwork and a growth mindset.

  • Abstract thinking

  • Natural Sciences

  • Mechanical engineering


Level 3


9-12 years old

Encourages logical reasoning and innovative thinking with the aim of developing metacognition.

  • Biology of life

  • ICT and Computer Science

  • Laws and applications of Physics 

  •     and Chemistry


Level M


12-15 years old

Develops effective study routines with a focus on international exam preparation.

  • Advanced Maths

  • English Language and Literature

  • Design and Technology

  • Exam preparation

  • Separate Science




1. Botany

2. Zoology

3. Human Anatomy



4. Astronomy

5. Geography



6. Matter

7. Optics

8. Chemical Studies

9. Mechanics

10. Acoustics



11. Mechanical Engineering

12. Energy


Biology, Chemistry and Physics - subjects no education platform has been brave enough to teach children from a young age. Often these subjects are wrongfully synonymous with difficulty and complexity. Here in Genius, we understand that these subjects are a means to feed curiosities - curiosities that influence and affect the everyday lives of our children - from the adaptations of animals to the circuits beneath our electrical appliances. We have over 200 themes and 5,000 experiments and masterpieces that refine the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. At Genius we explore and teach our children through these curiosities, cultivating a natural learning experience for children of all ages through active learning. We broaden the children's vision and exercise their problem-solving ability. We want our Geniuses to establish good language expression, hand-eye coordination and a love for learning. Then, academic achievements come naturally.


We also value the importance of international exams such as IGCSE, A-Level and IB. Our tutors are well-versed in the curriculum and will break down each concept into easily-digestible forms for children as young as grade school to understand. Children will be able to explore the inner workings of a cell and organs, learn about the different elements on our planet and the physical laws that govern our reality. Not only will their curiosity be quenched but we will also prepare them to take the international examinations mentioned above.



An intimidating topic even for university students, we feel the dire need to expose our children to it. By doing so, we are ridding the stigma of intimidation from an early age. We teach through the introduction of concepts present in common and recognizable products, like the workings of televisions and the structures of bridges. Through these examples, we explain the inner mechanics and interlinking systems that work together to produce the working machines. We especially provide them with hands-on projects that allow them to create their own working machines, putting theories they learn in class into practice.

Through real-life examples and experimentation, they will have a better grasp of theories learned in relation to Physics and Design & Technology in IGCSE, A-Level and IB curriculums. From the theory of gravity to understanding circuits, our children will have relatable experiments to reference and learn from while having a strong foundation for university.



The best way to learn Maths is through a combination of theory and practicals. That is how we teach Maths at Genius Development. Your child will become more curious through understanding the theories and stories behind famous mathematicians taught by Genius’ tutors. Leveraging on this curiosity, we introduce mathematical concepts and practical work to maximise your child’s potential to excel in Maths. Also, we emphasise heavily on the quick applications of mathematics in real-life scenarios. This way, the knowledge learnt will transform your child into a Genius!


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