Coding Senior (Age 9-13)

Advancing forward, students will experience using tools that utilize graphical-programming language. Throughout these courses, they will be gaining valuable programming concepts such as conditional statements, loops, and variables through more hands-on experience. Also, students will be introduced to a variety of hardware that compliments their programming experience. The Genius Development Explorer program inspires technology-savvy primary school students to go beyond mobile and computer gaming, and move to create their own programs that solve real-life problems. With the emphasis on creativity, Genius Development Explorer empowers students to solve problems through technology. Students learn basic computer science concepts and apply these to solve their problem faced daily. Here, students begin transitioning from graphical-based programming tools to syntax-based programming languages such as Python, HTML, and JavaScript. Students will also learn WordPress, a basic web designing skill that can be used to build webpages. Throughout these courses, concepts introduced will be revisited frequently and students will be exposed to a variety of hardware to be incorporated into their programming experience. Furthermore, they will also be given the option to proceed their programming journey through a more intensive gamified version through Minecraft through self-exploration!


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